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Ignite The Fire Tour
New Years Day
Oceans of Slumber

It was October of 2002, and the turn of the millennium saw the world of heavy music in flux. If you were paying attention to the press then you’d have probably been reading about the chart-smashing successes of bands like Korn and Queens of the Stone Age, and while Nu Metal was undeniably king, the angst-ridden musical fragmentation of the 90s had produced a panoply of genre-bending up-and-comers who refused to sit comfortably in any pre-ordained category or play by the creative rules laid out for them. It would swiftly transform the musical landscape in ways nobody could have predicted, and riding the crest of that wave was a humble Italian outfit who dared to dream big.

Lacuna Coil had already been around for eight years, and their two previous releases – 1999’s debut In A Reverie and 2001’s Unleashed Memories via longtime label Century Media had roundly established them as a formidable studio and live act spearheaded by Andrea Ferro and
Cristina Scabbia’s pitch-forked vocal delivery, but the gulf between Milan’s most promising exports and wider recognition was down to more than geography alone. While the genetic material for 2002’s Comalies was already in place in the form of bassist and songwriter-in-chief
Marco ‘Maki’ Coti-Zelati, Lacuna Coil’s third release was the pivotal moment that would usher in a globe and decade-spanning career. All that said, while the landmark release would undeniably change their destiny forever, what is now undeniably an anthem laden millennial classic was anything but an overnight success. If anything, it established Lacuna Coil as a band with the stamina to go the distance and much of the climbing still lay ahead.

Now, two decades later, Lacuna Coil decided to revisit the songs, but not to just re-record the songs as they were, but deconstruct and transport them into 2022. “This is not a reboot or a spin-off or anything like that,” says vocalist Cristina Scabbia.”We just wanted to give these songs a new dress and see how this guy or girl who was born 20 years ago would still look slick.”




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The Stone Pony

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